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The Penrose Floor Plan collection offers a comprehensive range of units from 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom and every layout bears meticulous and careful consideration to offer optimal comfort and enjoyment for its residents.  The Penrose Floor Plan details the full range of layouts available to meet every need from an individual resident to a multi-generational family.  Penrose developer, Hong Leong and CDL, have placed high priority on designing for the well-being of its residents.  Every Penrose Floor Plan presents innovative design and use of space to provide efficient and functional layouts for the comfort and satisfaction of every resident.

Presently the Penrose Floor Plan portfolio features 9 major types of layout namely 1-bedroom,  1-bedroom with study, 2-bedroom, 2-bedroom premium, 2-bedroom premium with study, 3-bedroom, 3-bedroom premium, 3-bedroom premium with study and 4-bedroom.  About half of the units are dedicated to 3-bedroom layouts while approximately 30% are 2-bedroom configurations.   With a diverse set of layouts, Penrose is able to fulfill the needs of both individual residents and families.  Given the easy accessibility of Penrose to amenities, schools and the city, most residents are likely to be families who are seeking a convenient location where they can enjoy hassle free daily travel to workplaces and schools.


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  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bedroom + Study
  • 2 Bedroom
  • 2 Bedroom Premium
  • 2 Bedroom Plus Study
  • 3 Bedroom
  • 3 Bedroom Premium
  • 3 Bedroom Plus Study
  • 4 Bedroom

Penrose Floor Plan 1 Bedroom

Penrose Floor Plan 1 Bedroom Plus Study

Penrose Floor Plan 2 Bedroom

Penrose Floor Plan 2 Bedroom Premium

Penrose Floor Plan 2 Bedroom Plus Study

Penrose Floor Plan 3 Bedroom

Penrose Floor Plan 3 Bedroom Premium

Penrose Floor Plan 3 Bedroom Premium

Penrose Floor Plan 4 Bedroom

One can observe from the Penrose Floor Plan how living spaces are being crafted according to the needs of its residents. Firstly, there is a suitable distribution of space according to functions.  For example, for the 1-bedroom and the 2-bedroom units, the kitchen, dining and living room have been scaled according to the expected number of residents and its corresponding usage patterns. 

On the other hand, the size and layout of the bedrooms in these units are designed without compromising the comfort and well-being of the residents.In addition to the distribution of space, the Penrose Floor Plan demonstrates the adoption of innovative design approach to optimize space and comfort, ensuring minimal wastage. There is ample selection of layouts in the Penrose floor plan catering to diverse needs. 

For example, depending on individual or household usage requirements, there is a choice of open kitchen concept which is suitable for light and occasional cooking and enclosed kitchen design which is generally preferred by those who conduct substantial amount of cooking, especially in larger families. For larger households who require additional living space, they can select layouts that offer extra space through additional bedrooms, bathrooms, study area, backyard or utility room.

Penrose Floor Plan – Layouts 

Another key factor to consider when selecting a layout is the presence of natural lighting and ventilation in the unit. From the Penrose Floor Plan, you can observe  the position and size of the doors and windows in the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms to have a good sense of the amount of natural lighting and ventilation present in the unit.

Furthermore, the facing of the balcony, living room and bedrooms with respect to the entire development and its landscape also contributes significantly to the comfort and ambience of the unit.  Penrose has a total of 566 units located in 5 blocks of 18-storey buildings sitting on a spacious land parcel with an estimated area 174,648 sqft.  It offers ample choice layouts and facing to suit individual preferences.

Besides delivering well designed living spaces, Penrose Floor Plan also showcases the developers’ strong emphasis on utilizing good quality materials and finishing which sets them apart in the market.  Similar to many renown developments under Hong Leong and CDL, the choice of fine quality finishing significantly enhances the living experience of Penrose and also the value of the development.

Beyond the Penrose Floor Plan, experience these quality finishing first hand by visiting the showflat or a virtual tour.  In addition to the good quality finishing of the walls, ceiling, floors, doors and windows, residents will also enjoy reliable, durable and easy to maintain good quality fittings by Penrose developer during their stay.  These fittings include the air-conditioning units, wardrobes, bathroom sanitary ware and fittings, kitchen cabinets and built-in appliances.

With the urgent call to conserve our environment and its resources, industry leaders have increasingly embraced green strategies in their design and  construction process.  In the area of sustainable development, Penrose developer is an accomplished leader with proven track record in creating sustainable living spaces. The eco strategy of today focuses mainly on the reduction of energy costs and carbon footprint, generating power from sustainable sources, recycling of waste materials and the creation of healthy living environment within the development. 

We can expect Penrose developer to bring an exciting dimension to the development with their leadership and experience in creating sustainable living spaces and these design implementations may be reflected in the Penrose Floor Plan.   Some of the simple yet effective designs deployed in the industry today include the use of solar energy to power parts of the development, the use of rainwater collection as a self sustaining irrigation system, building designs that optimizes ventilation allowing air to flow easily within the development and sunlight to penetrate into every units.


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