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The Penrose Site Plan shows the layout of the entire development with the location of the 5 residential blocks and the comprehensive array of exciting facilities in the residence.

Let’s begin our journey at the Grand Clubhouse which is on the left of the Penrose Site Plan.  Upon arrival to the condominium, your guests can alight at the arrival drop off point where you can receive them at the welcome lobby.  Your guests will be greeted with a scenic waterfall and there are 2 multi-purpose rooms where you can host events and functions for families and friends.  Each of these rooms is furnished with attached bathrooms which provide added convenience for your guests. 

In addition, the Grand Clubhouse in the Penrose Site Plan is equipped with a library, music room and star gazing lawn if you wish to have some relaxing moments in the Penrose Condo.  Not forgetting the children, there are ample recreational options such as the games room in the clubhouse.  For the families, the multi-media room is an ideal place for family bonding time over a movie!  

Another interesting attraction on the Penrose Site Plan is the Treehouse Pavilion with a water terrace that is located behind the clubhouse.  This cozy pavilion features a calming water terrace and a spiral staircase that leads to a viewing deck overlooking the 50-meters swimming pool.

Penrose Site Plan

Communal Facilities At 1st Storey:

a) Grand Clubhouse Consisting Of:

  • Arrival Drop Off
  • Welcome Lobby
  • Waterfall
  • Multi-Purpose Rooms With 2 Toilets
  • Library
  • Star Gazing Lawn
  • Games Room
  • Music Room
  • Multi-Media Room
  • Accessible Toilets


b) Treehouse Pavilion With Water Terrace

c) The Lawn

d) 50m Swimming Pool With Pool Decks

e) Stream Pool Consisting Of:

  • Lagoon Pool
  • Forest Pods

f) Active Clubhouse Consisting Of:

  • Gym
  • Yoga Deck
  • Pool Deck
  • Changing Rooms

g) Picnic Lawn

h) Fitness Lawn

i) Leisure Lawn


j) Taichi Lawn

k) Yoga Lawn

l) Wellness Garden Consisting Of:

  • Mist Trail
  • Spa Pavillions
  • Boardwalk

m) Kid’s Adventure Park Consisting Of:

  • Kid’s Aqua Play
  • Kid’s Jumping Water Jet
  • Zipline
  • Adventure Playground

n) Tennis Court

o) Fern Court

p) Bamboo Court

q) Haleconia Court

r) Cascading Garden Walk

s) Adult Fitness Station

t) Pedestrian Side Gate

u) Bicycle Parks

v) Guard House

w) Generator

x) Bin Centre (Basement)

y) Substation (Basement)

z) Childcare Centre (1st Storey & Basement)

aa) Childcare Centre Dropoff

bb) Childcare Centre Parking

Facilities At Roof Of MSCP:

cc) Leisure Deck Consisting Of:

  • Lap Pool
  • Aqua Bubbling Decks
  • Water Decks
  • Pool Lounges

dd) Gourmet Pavilion (With BBQ Pit)

ee) Dining Pavilion (With BBQ Pit)

ff) Wine & Chill Pavilion

gg) Sky Marsh Land Consisting Of:

  • Boardwalk
  • Bioswale
  • Equisetum Pond

hh) Look Out Point

ii) Toilets With Showers

jj) Accessible Toilet


Facilities At 18th Floor Of Block 30:

kk) Sky Dining Pavilion Consisting Of:

  • Cooking Counter (With BBQ Pit)
  • Alfresco Dining

ll) Starlight Lounge

mm) City View Lounge

nn) Accesible Toilet

If you are looking for a nice greenery for relaxation or to do some stretching, you will be delighted by the many lawns in the Penrose Site Plan that are surronding the swimming pool such as the picnic, lawn, fitness lawn, leisure lawn , Taichi lawn and yoga lawn.  Each of these lawns sits facing the calming 50-metres pool which is like a tranquil water feature in the midst of an extensive garden landscape!

Running alongside the 50-meter swimming pool is the stream pool which emulates the scene of the meandering river with numerous cabanas called forest pods lining the waterway.   This attraction in the Penrose Site Plan provides a unique water feature view for residents in block 22.  In addition, this also gives rise to more space between block 22 and blocks 26 and 28 located in the opposite.

For fitness enthusiasts, the Active Clubhouse in the Penrose Site Plan is an ideal place to sweat it out with a wide variety of amenities such as the extensive gym, the tranquil yoga deck and relaxing pool deck.  For more exciting surprises, you can explore the Wellness Garden which showcases the exiciting Mist Trail, delightful Spa Pavillions and a nostalgic boardwalk that reminds you of the great outdoors.  In addition to the Active Clubhouse, avid tennis players can look forward enjoying the game with the convenience of having a tennis court in the development. 

Kids are not forgotten as a special area in the Penrose Site Plan has been dedicated to children!  The Kid’s Adventure Park is seated facing blocks 20 and 22 and it consists of colourful and fun-filled Kid’s Aqua Play, Kid’s Jumping Water Jet, Zipline and Adventure Playground!  No child would want to miss this exciting playground that is filled with thrilling surprises!

In addition to all these exciting facilities, Penrose Site Plan also features a leisure deck on the roof of the multi-story carpark to extend the number of facilities in the development.  The leisure deck comes with a lap pool with aqua bubbling decks, water decks, pool lounges and a beautiful natural marshland with an equisetum pond.  Another attraction in the leisure deck is the outdoor dining spots such as Gourmet Pavilion, Dining Pavilion and Wine & Chill Pavilion.  

In addition to the delightful dining places in the leisure deck, the Sky Dining Pavilion on the Penrose Site Plan provides additional dining choices where it is equipped with a cooking counter for residents to enjoy alfresco dining surrounded by the breathtaking view from both the Starlight Lounge and City View Lounge on the 18th floor of block 30!

Last but not least, residents would be delighted to know there will be a childcare center within the development for the convenience of its residents.  The Penrose Site Plan shows the childcare center is located in the first story of block 30, near to the guardhouse.

Checkout Penrose Floor Plan to view 1,2,3,4 Bedroom.

Penrose Condo Site Plan

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